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How to Use Quick Payment Channel


What procedures of payment would you accept? There are presently 3 methods to pay. potential customers can finish off over the internet payment with charge card or debit card. If potential customers don't have credit rating credit cards available, or must purchase big sums of goods, we strongly suggest Western Union dollars Transfer.. and Here are the details:

1). Over the internet payment with charge card or debit card. This may be the most frequent payment method. It is rapid and efficient. We accept MasterCard, VISA, Maestro, and American communicate and so on.

2). Transfer via. western union. (1-2 hours) (10%discount)
Please check the website of Western Union to have more information about the money transfer

Money Sender Name
First name:

Last name:
Full name:

Please tell me follow informations below when you pay it!
1>.MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number)
2>.Senders name (First Name, Last Name) .
3>.Money amount

4. What form of currency would you accept? At present, we accept united kingdom pounds, united states bucks and European dollars. for individuals who are purchasing from an additional country, your charge card declaration will reflect the converted quantity dependent in your bank's swap level on that day.

If you have any questions or pay by else method,please kindly Contact US.



welcome to contact us! Thanks a lot!

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